Admission & Discharge Checklist

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Major scheduled surgeries

Overnight admission is required for all major scheduled surgeries.

Day surgery information

For day surgery cases, the patients are required to present themselves to the hospital, two hours (2hrs), prior to the time of the planned surgery.

The attending consultant

The attending consultant is required to be on the pre-approved panel list of doctors for third-party payers and if not, approval should be sought from the insurance before admission.

Paying in Cash?

For cash paying patients, full deposit is payable before admission or on admission.

Paying through insurance/employer?

For payments being done through the insurance or through the employer:-

  • The hospital shall require a letter of guarantee for the payment
  • A duly filled pre-authorization form OR,
  • A letter of undertaking from the insurance on the day of admission.

Emergency case directly from the doctor’s clinic?

For emergency cases coming directly from the doctor’s clinic, we require the patient to come with a duly filled preauthorization form.

NHIF contributor?

If the patient is an NHIF contributor, please provide the following:

  1. A valid NHIF card, with up to date contributions,

    National Hospital Insurance Fund

    National Hospital Insurance Fund

  2. Identification documents that were used in the registration process for the NHIF contributor’s card.
  3. If the patient is a dependent (either spouse or children) they mustbe registered with contributor’s card.
  4. If the patient is a spouse and he/she is using the contributor’s card, kindly confirm what they used to register with the NHIF system; that is Identification card (ID), Passport or Alien Certificate.
  5. If the patient is a dependant and he/she is above the age of 21 years, a letter from their college bearing a reference number is required.

Discharge process

The discharge process is initiated by the treating doctor when he signs a discharge slip which is sent to the discharge. Clients are required to confirm with the front office assistant that all their charges have been posted in the system and also check with their ward sister that all their drugs to take home have been delivered in the ward.

At this point they can clear with discharges section who issues them with a blue discharge slip. This should be taken to the ward sister. NHIF cards should be presented on admission so that the rates can be calculated during discharge.

Discharge will take a maximum of 2 hours, where all the above are available. However, should it take more than 2 hours, contact the Charge Sister of the Hospital Directory you are in.


• North Wing: The wing has 3 presidential suites equipped with a fridge, Safe, TV, Washroom and Visitors Sofas.
• Southwing: 36 luxurious self contained rooms
• Private room: Private room with washrooms
• Ward bed: 8 patients per ward
• Paediatric Wing
• Deluxe Room: Luxurious self contained rooms
• Ensuite Room: Self Contained rooms
• Duplex Room: 2 patients sharing a selfcontained room
• Private room: Single room with washrooms
• Ward beds: 4 beds per ward.


• Nursing /clinical Section
• Admissions, Discharges and Transfer Section
• Customer Service Desk
• Portering Section